Hi! I am Dawn Petrill. I have a passion for discovering inspiration in life and translating it into art.  My work is colorful, textural, and full of spirit.  I also love to write and give creative insights through my weekly blog and monthly newsletters. Please take a look around and get to know my art and me.  If you like what you see let me know, so that I can get to know you and share my world of Art At Dawn.

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Feb. 15- March 22Spring Show– Worthington Art League- 1320 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus, OH 43212

April 1- 30Works on Display– Ha’ Penny Imports- 75 S. High St, Dublin, OH 43017


April 6Come As You Are– Wine and Canvas Event- Dublin, OH

April 22- 4th Annual Studio Open House– Dublin, OH

Dates TBDSummer Kids Classes– Dublin, OH

  • All events listed will be held at my home studio.  Email me at artatdawn123@gmail.com for more details and directions.






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 Finally got around to sealing my painting, "Stopping By The Tranquil Waters". I used Liquitex's gloss medium & varnish. Fellow artists, what do you use to seal your work?
 More procrastination in the form of a drawing done of my paintings! #sketch #sketchbook #studio #procrastinationatitsfinest
 Oil pastel drawing I created this afternoon instead of cleaning my studio! #oilpastel #drawing #colorful #procrastinationatitsfinest
 Made some progress on my latest painting. It seems to be taking on a life of its own and I'm a little breathless attempting to catch up! #artatdawn #painting #acrylicpainting #natureintensified #paintinginprogress #paintingstrenuously

“If I were called upon to define briefly the word Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature, seen through the veil of the soul.”

Paul Cezanne

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