Land, Sea, and Air Series

This series was a natural progression from my China Series. A year after traveling to China, my family took a road trip out to the Western United States and encountered entirely new landscapes, rock formations, and fascinating trees and plants.

My paintings became more about how the land forms and changes, but yet retains the ecosystems that exist within them. I began looking inwardly to how these ecosystems worked symbiotically, and outwardly, to how the land changes and develops.

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China Inspired Series

During the summer of 2013, my family took a wonderful trip to Hong Kong and Beijing, China. It was an amazing journey to the other side of the world where we were exposed to a fantastic array of sights, sounds, and tastes. After I came home and had some time to process what I had experienced, I began to paint.

My paintings dealt with the impressions that China left on me. Some of my paintings revolved around the street scenes from the bustling markets and city life of Beijing. Others explored the fascinating Banyan Trees that I encountered in Hong Kong. These left me spellbound by their majestic, twisted roots and branches. My paintings attempted to unravel the defiant wisdom that seemed hidden within them.

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Word Inspired Series

In March of 2012, I began a 365 project to get my creative juices flowing. I decided to create a drawing every day based on a word or phrase that was relevant to me, and then journal about the experience.

This was a very liberating exercise and generated many dynamic and playful drawings. Many of these became inspiration for paintings. What I also found is that sometimes the drawings could become a springboard for ideas to explore in paint. In this way there could be multiple variations of the same theme or even morph into entirely new ideas based from the original ones.

Another facet that occurred as I began developing this series was the use of texture and later embedding small objects into the paintings. This is a technique that I have transferred into my later paintings as well, and has become somewhat of a signature of mine- along with my use of color.

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