Journey III- 20"x20"- Acrylic

Lots of little decisions went into creating my latest acrylic painting, Journey III


Hi!  Glad you could join me in my studio.  Pull up a stool.  Would you like a cup of coffee?

I’m inviting you into my studio to witness a rather exciting event, at least for me.  I’m about to give birth to a new acrylic painting.  (Don’t think about that too hard, its not meant to be gross!)

What I mean is, all the big decisions have been made and what’s left are the little finishing touches before I send my painting off into the world.  Its usually a fairly relaxing period because the ending is inevitable- so you’ve picked a good time to come!

This is when I am examine my painting for any little flaws or imperfections.  I’ve already done 98% of the work and have pretty much decided that it was done.


Journey III- detail

Detail of Journey III


I’ve used all of my tricks to check the painting over: squinting at it, turning it upside-down and sideways, taking a digital picture- all ways to fool the eye and examine it for values, tone, color combinations, and shapes.

I’m warning you, though, I get a little unconventional at this stage (as witnessed by the video I’m about to show you).  I may do things that make you squirm- like dip my fingers in the paint, dab paint from the back end of my paintbrush, and use my glass of ice water to clean my brushes because my paint water was too dirty!  (Not on the video, but trust me, it happened!)

So sit back and relax as I share what you would encounter if you were in my studio as I finished my latest painting, Journey III:



I hope it didn’t make you squirm too much!

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of my process and newest creation.

Have A Great Week!!

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